Sugar Shack Experience For Groups

You are looking for a place where you can enjoy a traditional Quebec meal even if it is not the maple syrup season. You have found the right Sugar Shack. No time for a meal, we have a Maple tasting tour available as well (no meal required).

For a group of 40 people or more, you will be able to enjoy an authentic homemade meal. In a convivial atmosphere, the sugar shack meal is served “family style” and it is an all you can eat menu. Our musician will play folk music during the meal and you may try the wooden musical spoons and dance along. It is a festive atmosphere that you won’t soon forget.

MAPLE TASTING (no meal required)

Taffy on snow will be served after your meal, outside on the patio, even during the summer!

For smaller group, depending on the request, it could be possible with an extra cost.


Sugar Shack menu

French Canadian Pea Soup, Pork Rinds
Homemade Fruit Ketchup, Bread and Maple Syrup
Baked Bean, Meat Pie, Warm Maple Ham, Boiled Potatoes
Pancakes, Maple Tea or Coffee
Maple Taffy on Snow

You can add some items to the menu such as sausage in syrup, meat ball stew, sugar pie, scrambled eggs, green salad…

Ask us about prices. Our price will depend on the period of the year, the day of the week, the number of people and the time desired.