Sugar Shack Experience (Individual)

Open year round when we have other groups.

We are open daily between July and September. You will be able to taste our traditional maple flavoured meals between 11:30am and 2:30pm. However, we suggest that you ask if we are hosting a group as there is always a musician playing during the meal.

You may also enjoy taffy on snow after your meal (even during summer). Finally, if you visit our boutique you can learn about the maple process.


Pea Soup, Pork Rinds, Bread and Homemade Ketchup
Baked Beans, Meat Pie, Maple Ham, Boiled Potatoes
Pancakes Served with Maple Syrup
Coffee, Tea, Herbal Tea

Adult : $17.00 (taxes and tips not included)
Children: 2-12 years old, $8.00 (taxes and tips not included)



During the summer only, more choices are available for lunch such as spaghetti, smoked meat, salad and pork meat ball stew.